Non-Standard Freight

Non-standard freight is defined as freight that does not conform to a parcel or pallet. As a specialised hardware carrier, Vellex has the experience and industry knowledge to safely handle items which vary in size, shape or weight.

Pallet Distribution

The Vellex pallet distribution network provides a super-efficient service and also provides benefits gained from economies of scale. With over 2000 pallets moved daily through our central consolidation hubs in Sydney and Melbourne, Vellex has the capacity to increase its customers' business performance.


Cross-docking is an efficient, accurate and cost effective process, ensuring just-in-time distribution and delivery of product by reducing double handling. Your container of pre-sold goods comes directly to our handling facility where we de-stuff, pack and deliver in one seamless operation – saving you time and money.

Information Technology

At Vellex, we understand that access to the latest information technology is as important to our customers as on-time delivery. That’s why we have invested in the appropriate technology and system enhancements so that we can meet your needs and the needs of your customers.


We offer the following freight despatch and management solutions:


Customer in-house electronic despatch system


Proof of delivery images


Bar-coded freight scanning


Pallet control


Online consignment status


State-wide distributor web link


Online returns management


Real-time GPS vehicle tracking


Electronic invoicing solutions

Welcome to Vellex Online

Vellex offers a comprehensive set of solutions for E-Business. Our Business-to-Business (B2B) offerings are driven through our powerful Vellex Exchange environment providing the ability to interface to almost any customer system. Vellex’s web based solutions provide access to detailed tracking information as well as access to proof of delivery images.

Business to Business (B2B)

Vellex Exchange is a feature rich, standards based platform that links key customers, partners and suppliers. Through Vellex Exchange, Vellex provides the platform to enable Business-to-Business (B2B) services to Vellex Customers and trading partners. Vellex Exchange gives a standard and consistent approach to electronic trading with Vellex.

Vellex Exchange provides powerful and rapid connections between Vellex, Trading Partners and Customers. The Vellex Exchange platform allows integration of existing ERP and EDI systems, legacy applications, databases and websites with those of customers and partners. The full integration capabilities of Vellex Exchange guarantees secure, bi-directional messaging exchange between disparate applications and systems in use throughout business communities.

Web-Based Solutions

Vellex Online delivers powerful web-based services designed to provide easy access to information and service to our clients. You can access some features of Vellex Online without logging on, including tracking, pickups and tariff rates. However, if you are a Vellex Customer and register for Vellex Online, then you can access other features related to your account (where available).

These include:


Proof of delivery / Finance connote images


Tracking with extended consignment detail


Saved pickup details for fast pickup creation


Consignment entry and printing


Manifesting daily consignments


An address book to save frequently used addresses


Book your pickups


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How should I package my freight?

    Your valuable items will often be travelling thousands of kilometres and handled many times before final delivery. The way in which you package these goods is critical to how they will appear at the final destination.

  • How should I label my freight?

    Correct labelling reduces the risk of misdirection and ensures the smooth movement of your consignment through the network. Our web based consigning system will produce consignment notes and labels for each item you consign.

  • How do I track my freight?

    All consignments are tracked through our system. By going to the Consignment Tracking link and entering the consignment note number, the most recent tracking event will be displayed.

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