Industry News /16 February 2021

National Comcare Injury Management Program

Following on from our communications in November 2020  and earlier this month regarding Vellex’s decision to apply for a workers compensation self-insurance license under the national Comcare scheme, that will provide us with an integrated safety, rehabilitation, and compensation system going forward.

This initiative will ensure there is national consistency for all our people, irrespective of which State or Territory where an injury occurs. Importantly, we will continue with our strong investment and focus on our safety, rehabilitation and injury management systems.

It will also see us join over 70% of other national transport companies that are already self-insured under the Comcare scheme.

Our people are our strength. Anything that we can implement at Vellex to assist us in placing a greater focus on preventing injuries and in the unfortunate circumstance of an injury occurring, ensuring quick, appropriate medical treatment and a safe return to work, results in a positive outcome for us all.

Our intention is to commence these new workers compensation arrangement from 31 December 2021 and they will apply to all our employees.

We will provide you with relevant information to make sure you are fully aware of what this change means for you and the benefits this scheme will bring to our organisation, as we continue to grow our business within Australia.

We will continue to provide further information through a range of consultation and communication mechanisms over the coming weeks. Please continue to visit the Employee Portal for regular updates on our Comcare journey and for other exciting company news.