At Vellex we recognise our responsibility to maintain the highest possible ethical and professional standards wherever we operate. It is our belief that a responsible business results in better business, a safer workplace and a better environment.

Workplace Health & Safety

At Vellex, Workplace Health and Safety is our priority. We believe that 'there is nothing that we do that is worth risking our safety or the safety of others and our approach is to ensure that a shared responsibility is taken to eliminate workplace incidents and accidents.'

Our ‘Countdown to ZERO’ strategy strives to maintain a safe work environment for our people, our contractors and our visitors, so we can achieve our goal of Zero Incidents and Accidents. This goal is achievable with our commitment to the continuous improvement of our ‘Health and Safety Management System’ which is the cornerstone of our systems and processes that adopt a risk management approach to safety.

Vellex places great importance in Workplace Health and Safety. We strive to lead the industry through adopting safe methods of work and continually reinforce the conditions and behaviours that ensure a safe workplace with strict compliance to laws and regulations. Our commitment to Health and Safety within the workplace is also extended on the road with our fleet of vehicles. They are tracked through satellite tracking systems by our compliance team to monitor speed and driving hours. Our people undergo pre-employment drug and alcohol testing and also periodically throughout their employment.

A distinct advantage that we have at Vellex is to promote our people from within. We invest in our people with training to become successful leaders, and with their career starting as drivers, loaders or freight handlers, the ‘Chain of Responsibility and Workplace Health and Safety Laws’ are embedded in our management team.

Codes Of Conduct

The Vellex ‘Codes of Conduct’ clarifies the standards of behaviour that are expected from all our people. It is our overarching pledge that we will demonstrate integrity and respect at all times. Our ‘Codes of Conduct’ include:

Chain Of Responsibility

Chain of responsibility (CoR) ensures that everyone in the supply chain shares equal responsibility for ensuring breaches of road transport laws do not occur. Vellex maintains compliance with CoR by:


Ensuring vehicles are loaded in a safe and secure manner and in accordance with the vehicle allowable mass


Ensuring rosters and schedules allow adequate time for the journey and rest breaks


Continuous review of driving hours and speed compliance through the use of our satellite tracking system


The use of a driver changeover system for long trips to ensure drivers return home to rest at the end of each journey

Proactively informing customers of their responsibilities within the supply chain with regards to CoR and seeking commitment from them so that they in turn are complying with the law..


Vellex is proud to have gained accreditation within the following modules:


NHVR Accreditation Program 2019


NHVR Basic Fatigue Management


NHVR Mass Management


NHVR Maintenance Management



The focus of these programs includes

NHVAS Basic Fatigue Management

The aim of Fatigue Management Accreditation is to achieve improvements in road safety and transport productivity. Fatigue Management encourages heavy vehicle operators to take more responsibility for the safety and well-being of drivers and other road users.

NHVAS Mass Management

Mass Management Accreditation encourages heavy vehicle operators to take additional responsibility for loading their trucks correctly and ensuring that their trucks are not overloaded.

NHVAS Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management Accreditation encourages heavy vehicle operators to take more responsibility for maintaining their vehicles correctly and ensuring that they are always in good mechanical condition.



TruckSafe is a business and risk management system that is aimed at improving the safety and professionalism of trucking operators nationwide. It is an industry initiative, which delivers competitive advantages to accredited operators. TruckSafe Accreditation is based on four key standards:


Aimed at ensuring that a trucking operator has a documented business system which covers each of the standards.


Aimed at ensuring vehicles and trailers are kept in a safe and roadworthy condition.

Workplace and Driver Health

Aimed at ensuring that drivers are fit and healthy and Workplace Health and Safety requirements are met.


Aimed at ensuring drivers are licensed, authorised and trained for the tasks which they are undertaking.

For customers, TruckSafe provides confidence that contractors have responsible work practices, well-maintained vehicles, healthy and trained drivers and management systems to meet their transport needs. This also helps customers in meeting their due diligence requirements.

When partnering with Vellex, rest assured that you are using a company that is reputable, committed and will invest necessary resources to ensure that we operate within the guidelines of these programs. We recognize the significant importance of having trained people that work safely and are ‘fit for duty’, our freight is safe, secured and loaded onto a well-maintained fleet which safely operates on our roads across the country.


Vellex is undertaking a commitment to a better environment by minimising the impact that Vellex has across all operations. We are making a concerted effort in minimising the impact on the environment in areas which we can directly affect. Some of our current processes that we adopt include:


Promoting both safe and better driving practices leading to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and noise reduction.


Operating a modern fleet of company vehicles that meet the Euro 4 and Euro 5 standards - standards recognised worldwide.


Reduction of local air pollutants.


Investing in our on-site maintenance program to regularly monitor and service our vehicles to the manufacturers specification.


Ensuring that vehicles are fueled from quality fuel suppliers.


Investing in re-usable material handling equipment for the safe and efficient transport of freight, reducing the need for excessive packaging materials.


Vellex is proud to be accredited under the ‘Clean Fleet’ program which is administered by the Roads and Maritime Services of New South Wales. This program is an audited vehicle maintenance program designed to improve the air quality by reducing diesel emissions.

Drivers and maintenance teams act jointly towards reporting and repairing faults to our vehicles and trailers to minimize any impact they may have on the environment.

The introduction of this program and the standards that apply will result in having less maintenance
issues with our vehicles, better fuel consumption, improved vehicle performance and reliability and
less chance of excessive emissions stemming from our fleet